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​After the selection is made as to who the Veteran will be that receives the flagpole, we make a call to diggers hotline( 811) to clear the ground for installation. We will make an appointment and arrive at the house after we have received the OK to dig. Once we arrive we will have a discussion with the Veteran to go over the process and have them sign the agreement. 

Once the placement of where the flagpole is determined we will start digging the hole. We will drill a hole 8 inches wide by 2 feet deep. 3 inches of pebble stone will be at the bottom for water drainage and then 3 inches of sand on top of that. We will install an 18" sleeve into the sand base, and fill the area surrounding the sleeve with concrete. When the concrete starts to set up we will put the pole into the sleeve and plumb up the pole. Once the sleeve is set the concrete will need to harden for 24 hours. 

When it is time to set the pole and raise the flag, we will ask the Veteran to meet us outside where the flag will be raised, the flag will be saluted and the Pledge of Allegiance will be recited. When that is done we will all go inside to discuss and record his/her story of his/her military service. This conversation will be strictly between 13 Stripes 50 Stars and the Veteran and his/her privacy will be upheld. Their stories will not be released without their permission. 

Cliff Leach 

U.S. Navy Vietnam Veteran 

U.S.S Enterprise CVA(N)-65


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