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Our Strengths

Michelle Leach  

Daughter of a Vietnam Veteran 


Non-Profit 501(c)(3)

13 Stripes 50 Stars is a non-profit organization that relies solely on donations from individuals or companies. 13 Stripes 50 Stars is owned and operated by a Vietnam Veteran and executive board members. We are all working towards the same goal making sure every Veteran is recognized. 

Clifford Leach

Vietnam Veteran U.S. Navy 

Founder / President 

Our Goal

Our goal is to see that every Veteran has a Flag pole and  Flag in their yard flying 24/7/365 so that everyone knows a Veteran lives there. 

Sean Leach

Son of a Vietnam Veteran 

Vice President / Designer 

We want to have every Veteran that has served our country, be able to fly a flag in their yard proudly so that everyone knows that a Veteran lives there. Find out more how you can help today!

Our Vision

Pamela Leach

Wife of a Vietnam Veteran  

Founder / Treasurer 

Our Staff

Sponsor a Veteran 

Whether you would like to sponsor a Veteran or give a donation towards a sponsorship we appreciate the donations as much as each and every Veteran we install a flag for will. We rely on 100% of our donations to fund a Veteran receiving a flag.                  

Donation of Time 

We are always looking for individuals that would be willing to donate time to help with fundraisers or even organizing a fundraiser with all of the proceeds going towards a sponsorship.  

Vendors that have recognized our commitment
  1. Peggy Galloway - "Flag Lady" 

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