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Clifford Leach

Vietnam Veteran U.S. Navy 

U.S.S. Enterprise CVA(N)65

Founder / President/Secretary

We want to have every disabled Veteran that has served our country, be able to fly a flag in their yard proudly so that everyone knows that a Veteran lives there. Find out more how you can help today!

Our Vision

Donation of Time 

We are always looking for individuals that would be willing to donate time to help with fundraisers or even organizing a fundraiser with all of the proceeds going towards a sponsorship.  

These photos are courtesy of Mr. Robert Fleege of Council Bluffs IA, which were taken of his flagpole that we installed.

Our Goal

Our goal is to see that every Veteran has a Flag pole and  Flag in their yard flying 24/7/365 so that everyone knows a Veteran lives there.

We also are committed to helping any veteran with their well being. 

Sean Leach

Son of a Vietnam Veteran 

Vice President / Designer 

Non-Profit 501(c)(3)

13 Stripes 50 Stars is a non-profit organization that relies solely on donations from individuals or companies. 13 Stripes 50 Stars is owned and operated by a Vietnam Veteran and executive board members. We are all working towards the same goal making sure every Veteran is recognized. 

Pamela Leach

Wife of a Vietnam Veteran  

Founder / Treasurer 

Our Strengths

Vendors that have recognized our commitment
  1. Peggy Galloway - "Flag Lady" 

Our Staff

Sponsor a Veteran 

Whether you would like to sponsor a Veteran or give a donation towards a sponsorship we appreciate the donations as much as each and every Veteran we install a flag for will. We rely on 100% of our donations to fund a Veteran receiving a flag.