Our Individual Sponsors: 

  • Tom & Lori Fry (In memory​ of their son Brandon) 
  • Mrs.Vianne Norrgard 
  • Don & Pat Klaumann 
  • Bill & Evonne Williams (Patriotic Productions) 
  • Roger Nelson, American Legion Post #37 (South Omaha) 
  • Barry Wilkinson 
  • Joyce and Robert Cooper 
  • Mr and Mrs. Steve Miller
  • ​Mrs. Sally Allen 
  • Mr. William Crosson
  • Dr. David Leach
  • Mike and Carol Crouse
  • Mr. Mark Dwyer
  • Mr. Mike King, American Legion, Chapter #37 (South Omaha)
  • ​Mr. and Mrs TC Miller
  • American Legion Riders Post #1- Omaha
  • American Legion Riders Post 216-Gretna

Our Corporate Sponsors: 

Sponsorship or Donations

  The total cost of a complete sponsorship is 400.00,(includes flagpole,flag,light,&installation), 

but any amount of donation will be accepted.

Please check out the DONATION page to see our special on T-shirts.

13 Stripes 50 Stars will help provide those Veterans who are either disabled or cannot afford to obtain an American Flag and a pole that will be proudly displayed in honor of their service and sacrifice for our country. ​

​​​Every Veteran who has served their country deserves the respect and honor to own his/her personal flag pole and flag, so that all that pass their home will know a Veteran lives here. 

Mission Statement

Gary Martin Attorney at Law 

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